About FEFS

It began with Rick Biro’s passion for tropical fish, which grew from a single aquarium to a college apartment chock-full of them.

1971 was the year and the start of a wet and wonderful adventure with African Cichlids. Over four decades later, the Biro family is just as passionate today as they were when it all began.

Buckets of freshly collected babies cataloged and ready to head to their grow-out tanks.

After 40 years you’d think we’ve seen it all, but every day we learn more, we improve the operation and we adjust to the needs and demands of our customers and the industry as a whole. “It’s not what I thought I would be doing into my 60’s, but I wouldn’t trade the ride for anything.” Everyone has a story and Florida Exotic has enjoyed some amazing industry accolades along the way and even a handful of magazine covers.

Florida Exotic Fish Sales is a proud member of the following organizations:

- Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association

- Dead Fish Order