Imports, Wild-Caught

Florida Exotic Fish Sales has been an active importer of African Cichlids for over four decades! We are continually adding wild-caught species to our breeding programs to ensure our customers with the highest quality. As a part of our import program we often bring in species for the sole purpose of offering them to our customers. Import arrivals are a very exciting time for us!

June 2015 Imports; While Supplies Last

Africa - Lake Malawi

  • Chitende

Africa - Lake Tanganyika

  • Calvus, Alto. Congo Black
  • Calvus, Black (*Pairs Available)
  • Calvus, Black Calvus Males (Large Plus)
  • Calvus, White (Large Plus)
  • Calvus, White (Large) (*Pairs Available)
  • Comp., Gold Head
  • Comp., Red Fin [Crocodile Island]
  • Cunningtoni Longeventralis (Large)
  • Cyp. Leptosoma Moba Speckleback (Jumbo) 1:2
  • Cyp. Leptosoma Turq. Flame (Jumbo) 1:2
  • Eretmodus Mpimbwe Orange (Large Plus)
  • Fasciatus, Yellow (One Pair Only) $30 ea. Fish
  • Gold Comp. Large (*Pairs Available)
  • Gold Comp. XL Male (Pairs)
  • Gold Sexfasciatus
  • Ikola Tropheus
  • Julidochromis Transcriptus Gombe Rare
  • Lamp Nkambe ** One Pair (2 fish only) $85 each
  • Lamp. Daffodil
  • Lamp. Ocellatus (Pairs)
  • Lamp. Tretocephalus
  • Lepidio Lamp. Lemairi (Jumbo)
  • Lepidio Lamp. Lemairi (Large)
  • Lepido Lamp (Large Plus) (Pair)
  • Mbita Buesheri (Large)
  • Neolamprologus Mustax Orange Mbita 1:1
  • Paracyp. Nigripinnis Blue Neon 1:2
  • Red Rainbow Tropheus (Large)
  • Synodontis Multipunctatus Cats 4”